Hi, thank you for taking the time to visit. I’m Charles, and I’m a web developer + designer that not only delivers great work but is also ever-evolving and eager to learn more to be the best I can be. Wanna talk? Contact me here, or at charles@cappiah.com.


I began with a graphic design background back in high school. After high school, my interests had changed and I had decided to get into computer programming. I took the program for two years, and getting to the end of the program I had the opportunity to go into Humber's post-graduate web development program for a year.

These two programs combined provided me with irreplaceable experiences that I will always remember. Multiple values and practices were instilled in me throughout the course of my education at Humber - hard work, overcoming obstacles gracefully and learning how to manage projects both my own and others within a team environment.

Since then, I've built up some experience working in a web development company and then in the head office of a retail company working on their web store. In the future, I may go back to school for front-end development to strengthen my skills, but I do definitely want to also delve into project management at some time.

In my spare time I read, watch boxing and basketball and work on my singing. I really want to find time to learn the piano, as it's always been something I've wanted to learn.


Here are some of the projects I've done. Some I've designed, others I've coded. Click on a project for more information!

Filthy Rebena Ecommerce Website Design

  • Filthy Rebena Ecommerce Website Design

  • Project Type: Design
  • Role: Web Designer/Developer
This design was created for a client's online vintage clothing ecommerce website. It has been approved, and will be created in the near future!

Blue Dragon Chinese New Year Facebook Application Screens

  • Blue Dragon Chinese New Year Facebook Application Screens

  • Project Type: Design
  • Role: Web Designer
These designs were done for Blue Dragon's Facebook application. They were having a contest themed around the Chinese zodiac symbol for this year, the dragon. Both were created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Personal Logo Design

  • Personal Logo Design

  • Project Type: Design
  • Role: Graphic Designer
This is my logo, created in Illustrator. It took quite some time to create, but I feel it was well worth it! I went through a lot of different variations and decided that this version would represent me the best.

Special Savings Category Thumbnail

  • Special Savings Category Thumbnail

  • Project Type: Design
  • Role: Graphic Designer
These images were designed for the CEO of Solutions (a retail chain of 14 stores that specializes in storage solutions for the home) to pick and choose from. It was important to use colours that would attract attention to the user, which is what I tried to do here.

Mock Javascript Portfolio

  • Mock Javascript Portfolio

  • Project Type:Web
  • Role: Web Designer/Developer
I had created this portfolio with XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. The goal here was to try out different functions and explore a bit with Javascript. This was done as an assignment while I was doing my post-graduate. Click to View Live

Fort Frances Promotional Video

  • Fort Frances Promotional Video

  • Project Type:Web
  • Role: Web Designer/Developer
As an extra challenge given by my ASP.NET professor, I had to create a Silverlight video player. I was able to implement common play, pause and stop functionality along with a progress bar that stops when the video's paused and then continues when the video is unpaused. The buttons were created in Photoshop, and the design of the player was done in Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010. Click to View Live

Fort Frances Staff and Business Directory

  • Fort Frances Staff and Business Directory

  • Project Type: Web
  • Role: Web Designer/Developer
I was responsible for creating a business directory page using C++ that listed all information of the businesses and staff members in Fort Frances. I implemented the accordian functionality so that the user can control how much information they want to see by hiding the information. Click to View Live

Le Tender Steakhouse Form

  • Le Tender Steakhouse Form

  • Project Type:Web
  • Role: Web Designer/Developer
As a group project, we were in charge of creating a restaurant website. I was given the task of creating the contact form with full validation, and it had to be coded in JavaScript. This form's functionality was coded with JavaScript. It also features full validation, with messages that describe what information is missing, or has been inputted incorrectly. Click to View Live

Ghana Football Associaton Web Advertisement

  • Ghana Football Associaton Web Advertisement

  • Project Type: Web
  • Role: Web Designer/Developer
What better way to advertise than with a Flash advertisement? When the ad begins, a soccer ball designed in the country's flag bounces until it's out of view. You are then shown ways of supporting the team with hats, vuvuzelas and shirts! Lastly, the Ghana Football Association's logo appears, and a link is provided so you can learn more about the team.

Database Driven Portfolio

  • Database Driven Portfolio

  • Project Type: Web
  • Role:Web Designer/Developer
This portfolio is fully database driven - all text has been stored in the database, and frequent calls are being made to the database through PHP and SQL code. The Work page features a jQuery plugin named Galleria that handles the presentation and description of my work in an organized manner. Click to View Live


Use this form to contact me with any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can also reach me at charles@cappiah.com. Thanks!
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